Flavo Studios

Our passion is creativity and making bold choices.

One common theme which was there since the beginning sticks today – we want to remind ourselves, and if we are lucky, also inspire others to do what feels right. Every day. We want to be bold – in thought and in action.

Flavo is a creative design & art studio in which we create designs and art that seek to challenge the ordinary, the easy choices and inspire. We seek inspiration in our own lives, in people interactions and take the Nordic design traditions as a starting point.

At Flavo, we believe that people can easily influence their way of thinking, and change a direction in their life, simply by introducing visual and subtle but constant reminders to the goals they wish to achieve. It is always about the first step and the continuity.

“You can become what you want, if you surround yourself with just that. You can surround yourself with ideas and you can surround yourself with material objects.”
– Something a woman from eastern philosophy might have said